Germacide Antimould

Most of the cleaning products on the market aren’t effective against mould except as a short term solution and many of these products contain toxic ingredients. According to studies, most bleach based cleaning products aren’t effective against many types of mould; in fact, they can make the problem worse by hiding the visible signs of the growth while leaving most of the colony intact. The mould can then spread to a much larger area without being detected.

GermacideTM Anti-Mould is a non-toxic antimould product which is safe for any surface, including rugs and other fabrics. It penetrates deep to eliminate the roots of the mould growth, unlike chlorine bleach, which generally stays on the surface. It kills spores and forms a fine, transparent film over the surfaces where it has been used; where it continues to prevent the regrowth of mould for nearly a month.

Germ Solutions works with many Australian insurance firms to provide long term removal of mould and prevent regrowth. Our technicians can treat an average sized home with safe and environmentally GermacideTM Anti-Mould to eliminate mould and help fight regrowth in under an hour.

Our Products: We use only non-toxic, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly products which provide long lasting residual protection against mould regrowth for months on end. They’re as effective as they are long lasting; and they’ll save you money over the cost of frequent treatments with chemical anti-mould products. Cost efficient, effective and environmentally sound, Germacide is the best anti-mould product currently available.


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