Germ Solutions products are approved for use in hospitals, day care centres, churches, banks, schools, correctional facilities, cruise ships and automobiles, among other businesses, institutions and commercial vehicles.

The active ingredient in these products is effective in eliminating and preventing the regrowth of odour and stain causing bacteria and fungi such as mould and mildew, algae and other microorganisms. Germ Solutions Products can also be used as a bacteriostatic/fungistatic finish to inhibit bacterial or fungal activity on products including:

•Non-woven disposable diapers

•Cotton, down, wool, polyester, nylon or rayon fibrefill in upholstery, clothing or bedding

• Firehoses

•Natural and synthetic fabrics, both woven and non-woven

•Flooringand floor coverings

•Packing materials for non-food applications

• Footwear


•Non-food containers

•Hard interior surfaces which are not food preparation/food contact surfaces, including ceramics, chrome, stainless steel, concrete, porcelain, vinyl, wood, glass, marble and virtually any other surface in the home

•Leather and synthetic leather

•Floor matsand rugs


•Conveyor belts and humidifier belts which do not contact food

• Polyurethane foam in cushions, mops and sponges

• Plumbing supplies and fixtures

• Polyurethane growth medium for non-food plants

• Pre-moistened towelettes and tissue wipes

• Roofing materials

• Sheet and formed glass

• Sand bags, tents, tarpaulins, sails, and ropes

• Shower curtains

• Cotton and/or polyester towels

• Toilet tank and seat covers

• Umbrellas


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