Moving forward we are increasingly aware that we must take action to reduce our energy consumption. A more sustainable world is only achievable through increased efficiency which is why we have focused on ways to reduce energy consumption and ultimately save on energy costs.

Two of the largest energy consuming products are refrigeration and air conditioning. Real dollar savings can be achieved by the efficient running of well-maintained equipment.

Our unique coating, once applied, is able to prolong the life of your equipment, increase efficiency and ultimately reflect in savings on your energy costs. We believe in working together to create a sustainable environment for the future.

EcoActiv CRC is a unique coating applied to the condenser units, coils, fins and fans of commercial HVAC units, air conditioning systems and refrigeration that will fundamentally reduce energy consumption due to the follow properties of the coating.

• The coating once applied will ensure that moisture/water does not build up and frost. Normally the refrigeration system would frost due to moisture and then the system would have to run a defrost cycle (heating) in order to eliminate the frost build up. EcoActiv CRC being hydrophilic, means that the water isn’t able to adhere to the surface.

• As the equipment is required to run the defrost cycle less frequently, this creates a greater life span of the equipment and less maintenance costs.

• The coating is also antistatic which eliminates contaminants such as mold and other bacteria from adhering to surfaces, leaving the equipment to run more efficiently and eliminating mold and bacteria being circulated throughout the space, making for a cleaner work environment.

Overall benefits of EcoActiv CRC:

• Healthy indoor environment

• Greater Efficiency

• Equipment that lasts longer



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