Hand Sanitiser

Germ Solutions goes much farther than the typical hand sanitiser. Not only is it effective against bacteria; it also eliminates viruses and fungi. It eliminates harmful microorganisms on contact with the skin and helps fight reinfection – and even with frequent use, it does not cause bacteria or other pathogenic organisms to develop resistance.

Most of the hand sanitiser products on the market are ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol based products which are primarily antibacterial and while they will kill most bacteria on contact, they have little to no effect on viruses of fungi, cause dry skin and do not provide any kind of residual protection. They’re gels which contain ethyl alcohol and they’re effective only for a few moments until the alcohol evaporates.

Germacide Hand Sanitiser is a different kind of product; it provides all-day residual protection against a wider range of harmful microorganisms and moisturizes as it protects. A single application can protect against bacterial viruses, fungi and other pathogens for as long as 64 hours.

Using Germacide Hand Sanitiser

Germacide Hand Sanitiser immediately begins to kill bacteria (gram positive and gram negative), viruses, fungi (including mould, yeast and fungal spores) present on the skin and nails of the hands. As the water in the solution evaporates, an incredibly fine, transparent polymeric film is formed which is not easily removed by washing or rinsing. This film continues to help prevent infection by killing or inactivating microorganisms for an extended period of time, even up to 64 hours after application. The film also helps the skin to retain moisture while allowing oxygen and nitrogen to pass through.

Germacide Hand Sanitiser:

• Thoroughly sanitizes skin and nails
• Forms an antimicrobial barrier which lasts through at least ten handwashings
• Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal
• Moisturizes as it protects, prevents drying and chapping
• Kills all known strains of Staphylococcus aureus, even MRSA
• Prevents skin to skin transmission of microbes
• long lasting; continual protection against pathogens with regular use
• Easy spray application
• Will not stain skin, clothing or other fabrics


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