Healthcare and Aged Care

The hospital isn’t where you would necessarily expect to get sick, given frequent cleaning schedules and regular use of disinfected, but a lot of different people touch the surfaces in a hospital and contamination is almost inevitable. Germacide helps to prevent nosocomial infections by killing existing microbial growth and bonding to the surface where it has been applied which prevents recontamination for a period of months with just a single application.

Unlike conventional antimicrobial products, Germacide provides continual resistance to microbial growth around the clock. It can be used in almost any surface, it is odour free, non-toxic and provides an unprecedented level of protection to patients and staff alike; and since it uses a physical, rather than a chemical process to kill microbes, it does not lead to the development of resistant stains of bacteria.

There are a lot of surfaces in a hospital which are frequently touched; door handles, keypads, lift buttons, carts, the list goes on and on. With Germacide, all of these services can be protected from microbial growth for months with every application. Fabrics can also be washed with Germacide to provide long lasting (50 washings) resistance to microbes to further reduce nosocomial infections.

Germacide can be used throughout healthcare facilities:

• Bathrooms

• Emergency Rooms

• Ambulances

• Air filtration & Ventilation Systems

• Operating Rooms

• Nurse’s Stations

• Mattress Pads & Bed Linens

• Wheel Chairs & Positioning Cushions

• Carts & Mobile Equipment


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