The hospitality sector relies on providing their customers with an enjoyable, comfortable experience which encourages repeat business. However, in an industry which involves having many people use the same rooms over and over, it’s important to ensure that facilities are free of mould, mildew and other fungi or bacteria that could cause illness in guests. If a guest sees mould or mildew in a room, they’re not likely to return. Germacide helps ensure a better experience for guests by killing up to 99.9% of microbes on contact and preventing microbial growth for weeks, even months afterwards – all without using toxic or unpleasant smelling chemical disinfectants.

One application of Germacide after a cleaning can prevent the growth of mould and mildew as well as bacteria which can cause odour and disease for months on end.

In hotel kitchens, it’s ideal for protecting counters, cutting boards, slicers and other food preparation surfaces from potentially harmful bacteria.

Towels, bedding and other fabric can be treated with Germacide for protection which lasts for as many as 50 washings.

Applying Germacide to HVAC systems, carpets and drapes provides guests with cleaner, healthier and fresh-smelling rooms.

Germacide can prevent mould and mildew growth on umbrellas, canopies and outdoor furniture


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